Bacon, Dijon Mustard & Green Onion

Most everything is better with bacon! Yep dang it! This Twisted Butter smells so good you may want to eat it right out of the container.

Premium AA salted butter, crispy crumbled bacon, creamy Dijon mustard & chopped fresh green onions creates a tasty butter that bacon lovers will not be able to resist.

Serving Suggestions:
• Melt on top of baked or scalloped potatoes, oh Yeah!!
• Put in omelets and scrambled eggs to really twist up your        breakfast
• Spread liberally on english muffins, bagels, toast.
• Mix in mashed potatoes
• Sauté your favorite vegetables
• Spread on corn on the cob
• Melt over steaks and chops to add a scrumptious twist to that just off the grill meat
• Makes baconlicious grilled cheese sandwiches. You’ll love it.
• Spread on your favorite breads and put under broiler until golden brown.
• Drizzle on popcorn to make movie night a little “TWISTED”
• Use your imagination!

Go to the Recipe page for additional suggestions Use on your personal favorite foods & let us know about it.

" I will never eat a baked potato again, if it does not have Bacon, Dijon Mustard & Green Onion butter melted in it" 

- Matt - Chicago, IL 

"Food combo's are limitless, makes my tastes buds wonder what they have been missing" 

- Valerie - Hinsdale, IL

" What's for dinner tonight" has changed to, "Mom, which twisted butter are you using tonight?" 

- Jane - Northbrook, IL