Cilantro Lime

For adding a delicious South of the border flavor to any entrée, side dish, appetizers, this Twisted Butter is what you will love to use on so many of your favorite foods.

Premium AA salted butter churned with just the right amount of fresh chopped Cilantro and fresh squeezed lime.

Serving Suggestions:
• Melt onto grilled shrimp, salmon and any of your favorite fish.
• Generously top your favorite steaks and burgers
• Melt onto all your favorite steamed, grilled or charbroiled veggies.
• Twist into scrambled eggs & omelet's
• Swirl on english muffins, bagels & toast
• Cozy it up with fresh polenta (cornmeal)
• Top baked, mashed, roasted and pan fried potatoes
• Use your imagination!

Go to the Recipe page for additional suggestions.

" Cilantro Lime screams summer, all year long"   

- Michelle - St. Louis, MO

" The Cilantro tastes like I just picked it out of my herb garden, deliciously fresh"


- Susan - Lake Forest, IL

"  Cilantro Lime butter on Rama noodles, is my new comfort food" 

- Kim - Plano, TX