Cinnamon, Honey & Brown Sugar

If you have a sweet tooth, you may be tempted to spread this Twisted Butter on everything! It tastes as great as it smells. Sweet lovers will thoroughly enjoy this delicious Twisted Butter.

Premium AA salted butter churned with fresh ground cinnamon, pure honey and granulated light brown sugar.

Serving Suggestions:
• Generously melt onto english muffins, bagels, toast, and any favorite bread.
• Cover your favorite pancakes, waffles & french toast
• Melt onto cinnamon rolls
• Top hot oatmeal or grits
• Substitute for plain butter in pie crust recipes – makes apple pie even better!
• Melts beautifully on cooked carrots, sweet potatoes. Tastes great, kids will eat their veggies for sure.
baked apples and  baked pears.
• Use with salmon as the sugar caramelizes and tastes oh so delish!!
• Use your imagination!

Go to the Recipe page for additional suggestions.

"My kids love the Cinnamon and Honey on their toast and bagels! It's kind of like a breakfast dessert."  

- Scott - Wheaton, IL


" Cinnamon, Honey & Brown Sugar, goes from spoon to mouth, and sometimes on food, yep, it's that good" 

- Mike - Northbrook, IL

"This is goodness" 

- Trevor, age 4 - Bailey, CO